Mind the gap

Little to add to this terrific post of dr. Nic. My approach is to try to package the material in (hopefully) funny or engaging stories. That being said the stories have to be adjusted to the audience, otherwise it’s going to be a waste of time for everyone…

Learn and Teach Mathematics and Statistics

Teach the students you have

Our job as teachers at any level is to teach the students we have. I embrace this idea from Dr Kevin Maxwell:

“Our job is to teach the students we have.
Not the ones we would like to have.
Not the ones we used to have.
Those we have right now.
All of them.”

I believe Maxwell’s focus was on the diverse learning needs we have in our classes. I would like to take another angle on this. If students do not have the needed skills to learn what we are teaching, then we need to teach those skills.

In many subjects, content and the skills are largely uncoupled. For example in history, a skill might be to integrate material from two conflicting sources. You can learn this in multiple contexts, and you do not need to know the history of the world up until 1939…

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