Acronyms at the Acropolis: EAERE, MARE and MPAs


Part of my academic responsibilities include spending some time abroad to go “conferencing” with my peers to share ideas and research findings. For this year I decided to split my travel budget between a standard environmental economics conference (EAERE) and a more interdisciplinary one (MARE). I was positively surprised by both.

As many scientists I am a bit introverted and dislike large crowds of mostly unknown people. This is a large disadvantage at conferences like EAERE where several hundred environmental economists gather from all over Europe and beyond. This year, however, has been “like getting into a warm bath” as they say in Dutch — and not just because it was 42 °C outside in Athens where the conference took place.

This is due in part to the fact that after several years at this conference, I know enough people to spend the coffee and lunch…

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